Hanami and Edo museum

There is a reason to travel to Japan in early April, and that is of course the before mentioned cherry blossom. Watching trees burst out in vivid pink flowers, after the bare winter months is something that is held in special regards by the Japanese.
Of the few vacation days that the average Japanese worker has, at least one of them is spend with the family beneath a cherry tree, on a large blue plastic blanket to eat and drink. And if you're in Tokyo, there is really only one place to experience Hanami to the fullest. Ueno park. The rest of the year, a nice but otherwise rather unremarkable park, right now, it's brimming with people, and every spot on the ground that isn't officially closed off seems to have been covered with a blue plastic sheet.
This is also a time that performers do public shows, just finding a corner in the park where they can demonstrate what they can do. In every way, Ueno park is festive, and you can feel the great mood everyone is in. The weather is perfect, and the rain hasn't affected the blossoms in any way, it seems.
In the afternoon, we go to the Edo museum, now open, and spend time watching all the displays, which highlight how Edo (now called Tokyo) was formed, and how the society changed from back then to now.