The last day in Japan, and the weather has improved a bit once more. We head out to Yokohama, called the second largest city in Japan, but in reality it seems to have been gobbled up by the largest, and is now part of Tokyo itself.
We start of by going up in the fastest elevator in Japan, reaching a top speed of 750 meter/minute to look out over Yokohama from the Landmark tower. Although the weather is nice, there is still enough haze in the air that mount Fuji isn't visible from up here. Tokyo and Yokohama though are very well visible, and we get to enjoy the view from really high up.
The next destination is Chinatown, which isn't so much a place where the Chinese live, as that it has been turned into a tourist attraction, which focusses mainly on food. Since it is around lunchtime, some of the restaurants have queues outside of dozens of people. The other thing the shops here focus on are cheap plastic toys and phone-straps, probably sent over in bulk from China.
We end the day at the Mitsubishi museum, where they demonstrate some of the cutting edge technologies that Mitsubishi is involved with, like the Japanese space program and deep sea exploration.
My brother finally buys the noise reduction headphones which will come in handy tomorrow on the flight back, and we end up eating at the same place where we ate the very first day in Japan, CoCo curry.