Back to being a pedestrian

The morning surprises us with snow, the trees outside being somewhat white, and a layer of two centimetres covering the bikes when we come out with the luggage. Fortunately, although it is very cold, the snow still melts as the start of today first takes us down a very steep road with cobblestones. Once we make it down though, it's just a boring long way back over the express-way into Tokyo, and all the way the rain stays with us. Once more, the hand-grip heaters of the BMW are very welcome.
After catching a bit of the mid-morning traffic jams in Tokyo, and a missed exit because of a confused GPS system, we finally manage to arrive at the bike rental place, and after thanking them for the wonderful trip, we walk back to the Weekly Mansion, on foot with all our luggage again. The 100 yen umbrellas once more prove their usefulness.
In the evening, we meet up with Kaj and Robert, who are now staying in Tokyo, as well as two ladies from their travel group, to eat proper sushi from a rotating belt with plates. Our goal, to get a stack of plates that reaches the ceiling lights is not reached, but we certainly tried.