Yoyogi park and Tokyo by night

Another nice day, so we head to another park, this time right next to Harajuku station. Yoyogi park is a rather large park, which also houses the Meiji museum and a temple. Different from Ueno though, the park doesn't hold as may cherry trees, and the cherry blossom is almost hidden between the rest of the greenery.
The Meiji museum is rather simple, but the story of emperor Meiji is an interesting one. Influenced by the westerners, he is the first to make a break with old traditions, and strongly influenced by what the foreigners bring with them, he manages to modernize the Japanese culture a great deal. This is the start of modern japan, and why this country changed from an ancient culture to the place where all modern technology seems to come from these days. Gone is the topknot hairstyle of the samurai, and kimono is changed for pinstripe suit.
In the evening, we head out to the metropolitan building, where you can head up to the top floor, to look out over Tokyo by night. Unfortunately, tripods may not be used, and with the glass and bright lights on the top floor (which of course houses numerous souvenir shops) pictures are rather hard to take. But some turn out quite nice..